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350P 1/2" Steel for Implement

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  • 350P 1/2" Steel for Implement

    I hope this isn't a double thread... I just hit submit new thread and then couldn't see the first thread I posted on the identical subject. So here goes again...

    I have had a Millermatic 350P for about 5 years mostly welding 1/8" non-critical steel.

    I now have to reposition two lower hitch attachment arms on a 42" Gannon Earthcavator box scraper which are 1/2" x 2" flat bar.

    In doing my internet research I have come across everything from it "is not advisable" to "use gas shielded flux core wire" to get an "arc/stick machine." Here's a sample:

    "I use a 350P at work and the chart says not recommended on it. You realize short circuit should be restricted to under 1/4 inch clean NEW steel. Short circuit welds 1/4 inch steel fine, for dumpsters, gates, tables, just general welding. You should not use it for trailer building, implement repair, truck and car repair. For these things you should be using the flux cores, specifically the gas shielded flux cores if possible.

    I don't know what steel is in your implement attachement. To be safe i would use a low hydrogen rod, or a low hydrogen gas sheilded flux core, that multi passes.. high tensile steels, such as t1 are often used in booms and such, and are absolutly not to be mig welded. Mig wires offer little fatigue resistance, the impact of a loader bucket, concerns me, the repeated abuse will cause the mig weld to fail in the HAZ, heat affected zone, on high tensile steels.

    "You purchased a wire feed welder, not a mig welder. wire feed welders will weld with solid wire in the mig, metal inert gas mode, using short circuit, pulse or spray. It will also weld all fluxcore wire types just as well. You will need a fcaw-g wire that will multi pass, because a 1/2 single pass weld requires around 500 amps. The 350p will not put out 500 amps."

    I also searched here for "350P flux core" and came up with, among other things, this:

    "The 350P doesn't have any parameters on it's front door chart for fluxcore wire, at least mine doesn't. It is intended for only in-shop use and has no pulse program for fluxcore either. I guess Miller doesn't really expect anyone to be using it for fluxcore welding.

    It has mig and pulse parameters for solid steel wire and gas and aluminum and stainless wire, as well as some other alloys, I think copper and bronze, I never use the other alloys so not familiar with it that way. Parameters for running fluxcore in a 350P have to either come from a slide chart or from the wire manufacturer or from seat of the pants.

    I have not run a dual shield wire in my 350P but have run fluxcore self shield, both in mig and pulse. I used the solid wire and gas parameters as the starting point and adjusted from there."

    For an arc/stick welder the following was suggested:

    "Arc welding is a lot easier in my opinion. And faster, especially for repair work. I would use a 6010 and finish out with lincoln 7018,s one with a D designation."

    However, if it is advisable, to use my 350P to do structural work with the appropriate wire/gas combination, I would like to learn what to use and then practice how to use it...

    I usually tell people that I am really a "grinder" trying to learn my way towards becoming a "welder" so, any help would be appreciated.

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    Look at similar welds and not every 1/2 plate gets a 1/2 weld but you can do this with this machine and what ever wire you have. You been running the thing, know what 2 pieces of steel look like melting off and together, run a couple beads one after another toasty across it.
    You can warm heavier pieces but I weld **** like this 250 mig daily for years. This is not that heavy, while there are some potential issues you will find out. Its a one off job, use what you have and are used to. Turn it up as high as practical.


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      Yes, there are a lot of combinations for that machine for structural, its ideal. Fabricators are probably at work but we got guys on here that use them I believe. I don't, wouldn't know one wire from another.
      I reweld a factory failure that last a decade with 035 short on 2 inch piece but started with bevel and preheat and weld it out. I am not much of a metallurgist but solid wire is pretty good, don't have to store it fussy and while its biggest issue is heat input experienced welder knows what fusion looks like can make it work under some circumstances with common steel.
      Sheet tears off buckets all the time, some sense is in order but there is as much welding done wrong as right, not to apply this hack kind of thinking to highly engineered specific applications etc etc.


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        This much weld could be done with a 210. There is a good chance the load is in a pull, may only need a 1/4 inch of weld.


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          It will do anything you want...

          The internet is full of bad information. The 350P is perfect for what you want to do.

          A low hydrogen rated (just like 7018 rod) dual shield wire is easily accessible (to the guy who told you to stick weld to be safe). Make sure you get a 4 set of V-KNURLED drive rolls for this.

          Don't worry about no parameters on the 350P for dual-shield. The wire manufacturers will have a spec sheet for settings. It's really hard to screw up dual shield. It has a very forgiving operating range with any CO2 / ARG gas mix. Even 100% CO2.

          Don't run pulse with any flux cored wire (pulse is modified spray transfer - you can't get into spray transfer with flux cored wire).

          500 amps is not needed for a 1/2" material thickness. Like the earlier post mentioned, a 1/4" fillet may be all that is necessary.

          As always, a quick phone call to the LWS can be a good help.


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            1/2 has never been a problem for my MM350P...

            come to think of it.... I have done quite a bit of 1/2 with my old MM200 too..

            The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

            “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

            Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

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              350P 1/2" Steel for Implement

              That is plenty of machine. I use one and weld 1" mild steel and 4130 a lot. Not even close to its max output.
              I use metal core wire and 90/10 mix gas but you can weld with solid wire or dual shield would be good choice. I would recommend turn it up and use spray transfer. You will get better penetration on parent metal and will weld better on 1/2" metal than short circuit.


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                Wow, hey thanks guys! This is my first thread and post, and I kept coming back to look for it and it wasn't there, so I just figured it just didn't post up. Sorry for not being back sooner.

                In the meantime I purchased FCAW-S in a 10 lbs. spool of Lincoln Innershield NR-212 (self-shielded cored wire) in .045.

                Airgas only had 50 lbs. spools of the FCAW-G Lincoln UltraCore® 71A75 Dual (gas shielded) which was way too big and way to expensive for my expected little use of it. They did not have the Miller version.

                So the Innershield is still in the unopened box sitting on my desk. Should I return it and wait for them to get the Outershield in a 10 lbs. spool? I want to try flux core .045 in my machine, but I don't plan to use it often, so will I be more happy running a gas shielded version with the 75/25 mixture I already have than a non gas version?

                Edit: I have the 3/64U / .035U roller kit which I took out (I bought the machine used and it was set up with the U rollers for aluminum but it didn't come with the Python gun...) and I have the 227061 .035 / .045 V-groove rollers that I put in the machine after I got it. From the Miller website, I think I need a knurled V-groove DRIVE ROLL KIT .045" FLUX CORED WIRE. So, since I don't have these rollers, I think I may gently back out of the whole flux core adventure at this time if I can return the wire... Unless you guys recommend that I should try the flux core.

                One more thing. The Millermatic 350P is no longer in the Miller line up and I can't find roller kits for it on the Miller website... What's up?

                Thanks for your help and encouragement.
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                  Did you try They have them there. If you can find the 6-digit miller part no. in your manual, just type it in the search box at the upper right. If you don't have the number , click on the Manuals and Guides link in the left gutter, then Miller Parts Guide. Scroll down and you will find Drive Rollers. I think the 350P is on the second or third page.