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Bobcat 225G No low Idle , stuck on High Idle

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  • Bobcat 225G No low Idle , stuck on High Idle

    Sorry to bring up another thread about low Idle, but this one seems to be different! HELP!.........225G Ser.#KE758284

    • Been through the troubleshooting threads......Connect B+ to E- Yes on 12 V
    • Connect AC btwn G and E..........volts present .023 Is this enough or does the main rectifier (SR1) have a shorted diode?
    • Connect DC btwn C+ and E- 10.07 volts (already had replaced solenoid and also checked w/batt power) seems to be lazy but does work.
    • Checked linkage and seems smooth.
    • Checked & cleaned connectors & plug between Module and solenoid and the same at solenoid.
    • Changed Fuse's although they were not bad
    • Checked the integrated rectifer I think that is SR2( little square part notched corner with 4 spades) all readings around 440-475.
    • Noticed early on that with machine not running and start switch in idle position I would get sporadic voltage to solenoid...almost like the switch had a short or was worn as I twisted it just slightly, but maybe it was just on the timed circuit from the module .........not sure.
    • So getting back to the shorted diode in the SR1 mentioned above......I see this blue finned heat sink looking part........but not sure what to look for or check if I took it apart? Anyone know?
    • This machine has what I believe to be the Diode board attached to the Bracket #5 next to the two fuses.......Is this the diode being mentioned in the reference to the (SR1)? my book shows it as part #135184
    • Any other suggestions?

    I'm Lost but making good time.......need HELP!