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Mutimatic JUNK....should've gotten the Lincoln

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    Plus 3! I suspect that this guy is a Linc salesman.


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      For the record, I have never been more pleased with any purchase I ever made than with my Millermatic 252. That unit is truly amazing. It does everything as advertised. I'm sure that Lincoln makes nice machines as well. Since they are both American, they represent a pleasing purchase whichever you choose.

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        Mutimatic JUNK....should've gotten the Lincoln

        +however many we're up to now. I have about one of every major brand machine and like them all. However, blue has been absolutely the most helpful. I got a screaming deal on a used maxstar 150 sth a few months ago, had a few questions about the plug and a few other things, one phone call and they gave me everything I needed to know, even emailed me the schematic. I've had DOA products before and I've dealt with another welding machine company that thought customer service stopped when they cashed the check, so I learned my lesson and I think I feel your pain. I'm new on here, so I don't know your history and all that, but you totally did come out swinging at miller. It's cool though, I just figured you were pissed because now you're behind schedule.


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          Originally posted by mfldmike View Post
          First and foremost thread count doesn't matter, there is no need to discredit my opinion based off that. I may not post a lot, but I've been a long time reader...

          As for the first machine, it ran just fine...I was happy with it...with the exception of rod performance (which is why I got rid of it). This was BEFORE I knew about the software update, and even if I did I didn't want to pay for it.

          With that being said, I decided I liked the package enough to try it again. In reference to what I've said, I definitely know how the welder works. I'm familiar with the machine and the type of power it requires.

          I contacted the LWS I purchased the machine from and Miller wanted to replace the power supply. I said that wasn't going to fly, it's essentially paying full price for a refurbished model. The LWS is an hour drive one way for me, besides the sales this would be my fourth trip. Against my better instincts I agreed to have defective unit replaced with a floor display.

          I guess if you buy enough of the same machine you will eventually get a ringer. You could fix this one and sell it; then buy another Multimatic 200 since you didn't like the first two.

          Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

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            Let's get something straight right up...I wasn't naive and didn't know how to operate the machine, I didn't "cook" a gun and whine about it. This wasn't my fault and the machine was never used. You better be right that if the machine was never used and plugged into a 220 and quit working then you sure as h*ll right I'm going to request a full exchange.

            i didn't have an attitude until they said they would replace the power supply, why on this earth would I do that?!? It would be essentially buying a refurbished machine at retail price...again it wasn't wven used.

            rest-assured when I buy something from a company that has a reputation such as this I expect them back it up. Now, I can understand that if I was using the thing for a month and it burnt out...THEN I'd be appreciative.

            Also, it's not like I don't like the machine...because I do (which is WHY I bought another). The first one obviously had issues, Miller recognized this by releasing a firmware update. I purchased the second because of's obvious that the strongest feature of this machine is the MIG capabilities...maybe I should've went with the 211...maybe this....maybe that. To get one DOA is rare, but I like I said I expect them to replace the thing.

            Either way, this is a mute issue...the machine has been replaced (as it should've in the first place)....the new machine works (for now), and for the time being I'm satisfied with my purchase


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              How is replacing the power supply the same as getting a refurbished machine?


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                Mutimatic JUNK....should've gotten the Lincoln

                I probably would've wanted a new machine as well. It's not like they give those things away to begin with. I'm glad to hear that miller took care of it.


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                  Mfldmike, I own about 9 shop machines plus 3 portable welders and have had miller welders since 1987.

                  With this being said, Its been been well over 8-10 years since I have had to take any of them in for any type of repair, I'm sure there was something in assembly that was missed and now that its fixed you will have many years of reliable service.

                  Good luck and enjoy your machine.


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                    I really would like to edit the title of this thread, it's unfair that I labeled it as "JUNK." It was the heat of the moment thing and it really makes the product look bad.

                    With that being said, I still stand by my opinion...I'm glad others have had positive experiences with their products. Every situation is unique, and my experience wasn't anywhere near positive.

                    I didn't do anything to the product, it was DOA. Clearly their own manufacturing mistake. The LWS I purchased it from is also a national suplier and have return policies for this kind of incident.

                    Being from WI, I really would like to cheer for the home team...which is why I went with Miller in the first place.

                    Refurbished means:
                    1. Refurbishment is the distribution of products (usually electronics) that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbishedproducts are normally tested for functionality and defects before they are sold, and thus are the approximate equivalent of certified pre-owned cars.


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                      You had a new machine break down at the outset. Miller offered to fix it for you under warranty and that wasn't good enough.

                      I simply cant take your rants seriously I'm also tired of reading about problems where the company is complained about on line with little chance to respond.

                      Eight posts and all I hear is Miller did wrong. Me thinks thou dost protest too much.
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                        Nobody is holding a gun to you to reply to my thread, as much as your sick of hearing my response to the situation I had, I'm equally tired of yours.


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                          Dead Horse??


                          Think it's dead already...??
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                            Originally posted by H80N:330342

                            Think it's dead already...??
                            If a little is good then a lot is better! Keep beating this horse!

                            I like that your definition is different than what you claim. Afaik, you bought the machine and then it was repaired. If you bought the machine AFTER it was repaired then you did, in fact, buy a refurb.
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                              Wisconsin ? Why didn't you say that in the first post ? That would explain everything.


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                                Originally posted by mfldmike View Post
                                Nobody is holding a gun to you to reply to my thread, as much as your sick of hearing my response to the situation I had, I'm equally tired of yours.
                                You got that right. You can add users to your profile "ignore list" if you want. Helps filter out
                                unwanted useless noise which serves no purpose other than giving somebody else something
                                to do.
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