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Millermatic 135 wire feed problems

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  • Millermatic 135 wire feed problems

    I have a 135 with a wire feed problem. I can weld for a minute or so and the wire will slow down and stop soon after. I let it sit for a couple minutes and it will start to feed again and once again stop after a minute.

    I tried feeding wire without welding and it will feed normally for about 15 feet then you can hear to motor slow down and it will stop. The tension on the wire is not tight at all.

    I don't think its a gun issue or roller issue- it seems like an overheating issue. I've read it may be a board? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I searched your problem and copied the following from another post similar to your problem. I can't guarantee it though.

    I replaced the Re settable Fuse PTC 1 on the board with Mouser part

    60V POLYFUSE 1.85A

    Works great now!
    Miller Challenger 172
    Hobart AC/DC Stickmate
    Older Sears AC Stick machine


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      Thanks for the response- I will look into this. Does anybody know of a good place to send the board for repair?