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adjusting hz on vantage 300

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  • adjusting hz on vantage 300

    I'm trying to get a hz reading using a Klein multimeter. I have a short extension cord coming off the ac receptacles and one prong in the hot, other in the ground.
    I've tried it on the 2m and 200k selections and only get a reading for half a second before it reads 0.
    Machine is in high idle at time. What am I doing wrong. Thanks.

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    Sounds like you have your meter on an ohms (resistance) scale rather than. Frequency. What is the model of you Klein meter? Will look it up and see if I can help.


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      Here is a picture of it. It's a mm100.
      Thanks for your help!!
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        adjusting hz on vantage 300

        I looked it up, it doesn't offer hz reading. Looks like I'm off to buy the proper one.


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          OK, I see your problem. The MM100 does not measure frequency, only volts, ohms, amps, and a couple of other tests like continuity and diodes. You will need to buy or borrow a meter that measures frequency (Hz). Plug the leads in the same way you have described after selecting the freq (Hz) scale on the meter.


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            Looks like we both identified the problem at precisely the same time! Good luck with your new meter.


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              When you finally get a meter, we want that frequency adjusted to 61.8 hz, from the 63+ it is now. high idle no load, and engine warm.


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                adjusting hz on vantage 300

                Cruizer, I was going by an older thread where you suggested the hz be between 60.5-61 on a vantage 300.
                Why 61.8hz now?


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                  Every machine has been tested via a load bank and scope. plus real world welding.

                  So Lincoln Classic Perkins are 60.5 hz, Vantage 300 Kubota / 400 Perkins, Miller Pro300, 304, are 61.8 Hz. The small gassers be it an Onan or Kohler are 62.5hz.

                  Now all these machines have designer wave forms, I load the machines to the designer wave form. Most are completely out to lunch.

                  The Pro300 for instance welds horrible if running too fast, bring the rpm/freq down. Its like night and day. As are the Vantages.

                  Generally the gassers the rpm has to come up, to make them weld proper, and on these I adjust the boards. I call it super tuning. wave forms are perfect then.


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                    adjusting hz on vantage 300

                    Cruizer; I had to have the injection pump rebuilt on my Miller Big 40 D last year. It's an older model Built 1988 but still welds great.
                    Ser. JJ404151
                    I adjusted the high rpm to 60.5 hz
                    Is that correct ??
                    Also can you set the low idle using hz if so what do you recommend.
                    Thank you again. You've allways been helpful.