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MM 350P with Mig and Spool Gun?

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    Okay, here is the answer from the Miller Guru who called me. You can still hook up the Spool Gun to the Positive electrode on the machine, and THEN, you simply unplug the AlumaPro from the Spool Gun plug and plug in the the new spool gun. Then just switch it when you go back to the AlumaPro... A little klunky but very workable. Thanks to the Miller guy who called me back from the contact form that I sent in. Great service. Hope this helps others.

    Regards to all, and thanks for the comments. Danl


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      Now time to go seriously shop for the Spool Gun...


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        Originally posted by Danl View Post
        Now time to go seriously shop for the Spool Gun...
        Spoolmatic 30A is what you want

        The professional's choice for exceptional aluminum welding results in industrial or commercial applications.


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          Agree 110% on the 30A, love mine - also, after pricing the replacement cable ***'y,

          I ordered one of these

          Works like a chinese finger puzzle, push it together to slip over the welder end connectors, electrical tape @ gun end, then work it back snug over the leads. The 25' x 1-1/2" won't quite reach all the way, but it covers everything that might drag on the ground... Steve


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            Thanks all... Will keep this in mind... I have a new issue... :-( You can see my post at:

            However I have another option on the way that I think might work well.... We will see...