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  • 10/3 cord

    I just purchased a millermatic 175..the 6 foot cord comming out of the machine is just not long enough to be practicle in my work space.I have about 80 feet of 10/3 cord with nema L6-20 (20A-250V)plugs and a couple extra ends of the same style that I use with my old craftsman 220 stick welder and compressor.(i rarely need to use this much cord)is this size cord ok to make up a smaller extension like say 20' or so for this new machine, or should i go buy the 70$ 25' cord with the same ends that come on the machine...thnx
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    I thought that this cable would have been too small but your manual says that you could run 20 meters of 14/3 ... the machine only draws 20amps... here is a link to the pdf of your manual.(see pg 20-21)

    so looks like it is ok for the 135/175 but am surprised....
    hope this helps

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      10/3 cord


      10 ga. is good for 30 amps at the length you have. At full heat, the mm175 draws 19.5 amps according to the Miller catalog. You should have plenty of spare capacity.

      Go for it. It's all good.

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        According to the old code book 10/3 should carry 40 amps at under 100' of distance from the main. You will be fine and happy welding. weld well, weld safe


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          thnx guys....ill be abel to make up a couple different sizes with the length i have ......
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