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  • zapped!

    I had on some leather gloves that had been contaminated with some liquid fertilizer when I needed to make a quick weld. The old Hobart tig wave was a little less "smooth" than usual and although I was dry, not holding the stinger and on clean concrete a few feet from the stinger I got a good zapp when I went to move the ground clamp. Felt like ac but I was on dc. Is a diode failing? Was the fertilizer enough to reduce the resistance of my hands-gloves-feet circuit?

    Start shopping for a replacement?

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    Unlikely however there is a built up charge there, likely ac though since you probably were not standing on your tig pedal. If I had to guess, I'd say you have a hot input lead going to frame ground. In other words, unit is likely dust tracking inside the machine, and it's time to open it up and take a air hose or leaf blower to it. I use a leaf blower, as it's so much better.

    Very unlikely your going to feel a dc pulse, ac one yep....


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      I was still tingling and trying to get planted when I posted. I was running one stick of 1/8 7018 on an elevator (belt conveyor). No tig, or pedal. Contactor on. What I was welding on was on tires and had no continuity to ground.

      I'll give he a good blow down. I have a little "air vac" blow gun, very gentle. Thank you.


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        Frame of the machine has a chassis ground, as well as the actual ground is returning somewhere. The machine is not isolated, even on tires