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dynasty 350 aws d17.1 nadcap. Help needed with industry tips and tricks

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  • dynasty 350 aws d17.1 nadcap. Help needed with industry tips and tricks

    So I've been using the dynasty 350 for about 3 years now. I've always had a problem with pinholes you can't see with the naked eye on the toes of my groove welds. Material is anywhere from 1/4"-2" 0.28-.065 6061 tubing usually welded using a positioner in the 2g position.The leaks are detected by either a nitrogen bubble test or helium leak detecting sniffer during in-house ndt.Our material is usually outsourced for etch cleaning and then brushed and recleaned with acetone prior to weld. So I don't think cleanliness is an issue. I'm leaning towards my parameters. I have heard that too much cleaning action can cause problems. Can someone please point in the right direction as far as parameters that will help induce the wetting in of the puddle on the toes. My current setting are usually set at a 50/100 ep to en ratio. I've got it set around 120-140htz and anywhere from 70-80% balance using the soft wave. I'm also trying out mixing in a small amount of helium to the torch. Just enough to flutter the ball of the regulator. And around 15 Cfh of argon. I've also been seeing a lot of orange(hydrogen) around the edges of my arc zone when welding. I'm sure the moisture isn't helping so if anyone has a suggestion that will help with keeping the moisture induced porosity out of my welds have at it. Any industry tips for welding aluminum and ss for primes will be greatly appreciated. 25 year old young man here on my first job. Been tig welding for about 3 1/2 years.I hold four aws d17.1 certs currently and am looking forward to acquiring many more!