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    So I have an xmt 350 CC/CV

    I remember when I got setup to mig weld, as well as flux core gun weld. The shopping list felt endless. Every time I thought I had stuff sorted, there was something else I needed (and then all over again when I wanted to use a different wire size or type). Oh, and of course my closest welding supply shop is an hour away.

    So.. rather than hit this piecemeal, Knowing that I have an XMT 350 CC/CV, and nothing else aside from gas(thats relevant to tig) is there such a thing as a totally complete shopping list to get started with GTAW?

    This is what I know, and even that might be wrong.

    I'll need a tig gun/torch, and I'm told it matters what I want to do, which gun I get.

    My plan is to work on thin walled 4130 and other stainless alloys, as well as have a more delicate touch on mild.

    One day it would be nice to work with Al, but apparently that's a whole other machine to get HF tig.

    I need gas/hoses/regulator, which I do have, as that goes with my mig stuff.

    I think I need a pedal or some kind of control device that presumably hooks into the 14 pin port on the front of the XMT 350.

    As with the gun, I don't know any specifics about the pedal.

    If there is such a thing as the definitive starter shopping list to get setup for tig on my specific machine, that would be so very nice. So far nothing ruins my evening quicker than getting everything setup, and then realizing I'm missing some critical thing and cant even get started.

    If there isnt such a list, then as a secondary, if someone could point me at the correct info to use when I shop for tig accessories, so I know the given torch for example, will work with my machine, that would be a very close second.

    Thanks again.