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  • Miller wireless remote:

    Hello everybody;

    I am looking for some input on the Miller Wireless hand control remote .

    I have asked my LWS but they have no experience or knowledge of it, as they have never sold one and even questioned me
    weather it would work on my trailblazer 302, until they had to look it up.
    All they could tell me is the price.

    First of all if anyone has had experience good or bad;

    Does the digital display show the actual amps , or a percentage of the dial setting on the machine ?

    Does it show voltage or a percentage, when using a remote wire feeder?

    Would you consider it worth the money compared to a wired remote ? Witch is just over twice the cost for a 100 foot wired remote.

    Thank you for any input;


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    Since no one has answered, I really like this unit. Reads and does everything you want. As for a comparison with a standard miller remote, it has a slight amount of delay.

    All our remotes are wired with aux power, so with a wireless, you still have to run a grinder cord. making the wireless kinda pointless.