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Millermatic 250X issue

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  • Millermatic 250X issue

    I picked up an almost new 250X last month at an excellent price. I'm aware of the issues this specific model has. That being said, I'm trying to maximize the performance it has and minimize any issues.Gave it some real work to do yesterday welding a lot of steel on to a trailer frame. Currently it has .030 wire with .035 feed rolls. Obviously there's a problem there, and I'm ordering the combo .030/.035 drive rolls. That being said, I can't tell if I'm running in to the hot start issue. When you first strike an arc, about 10% of the time the wire burns back to the tip. Frequently it will go pop pop pop until the arc is established. Do both those issues sound related to hot start? Once welding, it runs fine, so can't say the issue is directly related to the oversize feed rolls.Would I see any difference by disabling the hot start function? I don't plan to ever run .023 wire in it as I have a Miller 175 for that.Serial number on the 250X is LA103191.

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    It's very possible that your issues are due to the fact that you are trying to feed .030 wire with .035 drive rolls.


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      Well your slipping like crazy, so I'm with the above poster. Use the correct rolls


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        They are on order. I'm just impatient.

        Thanks guys.


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          Drive rolls did fix the feeding issue. As others have said, the arc isn't the softest thing I've ever heard, but it lays down metal quite nicely. No complaints.


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            Well the MM250, has the odd hot start issues, and doesn't have the needed wire speed feed. The 250x perhaps shares some traits from the 250, but hot start, nor wire speed issues is one of them.h

            The 250x is pretty much the same as the reliable MM251, the difference being that the 250x has two scr rectifiers while the 251 has one rectifier. But that's it.

            Both of the latter models and others did have one serious problem, and that was a crappy factory ground clamp