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    Let me start out by saying that just once I wish i could buy anything then check it out online and find out its just normal. Nope, not happening.
    I picked up a MillerMatic35. It has the panel for spot welding. So why isn't my welder a 35S? I really don't know the difference between the 35 and 35S.
    Serial No HH013593
    Style HH1
    SK-35 Spot weld Panel
    Now my handle is a Tweco Mini-Mig 35-45. What does that mean?
    Base of handle by machine says Tweco No. 35-230 What does that mean? Am i to assume this is already an aftermarket handle? Internet keeps wanting me to change it to 35-230C Which it clearly isn't.
    So does that simply mean the handle takes .035 gauge and runs 230volts?
    What does the 35-45 on the actual handle mean then? 35 to 45 gauge tip? I don't know, just trying to guess.
    I went to the eastwood site and looked at wire feed with spot weld feature. Does that mean i just need a tip cover with those two prongs to hold me steady while spot welding. If so why would i even need to flip the switch to spot weld vs. continuous feed? I tried looking that up too with no luck.
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