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  • repower bluestar2e

    need info on how to remove old engine and what would be a good replacement engine and what mod. need to be done to remount

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    What's wrong with the original Tecumpseh 16hp motor?
    Contrary to what most believe, you can still source a lot of parts for the OH 160 motor.
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      Welcome to the forum.
      You might want to try small engine warehouse.
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        Realistically, without a lot of mods, no engine other than the same will fit the chassis. So if the crank and bottom end is ok, just fix the rest. If the bottom end is trashed, the replacement and mods needed to fit, are going to be real expensive and not worth it.


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          Agree with Cruizer, if you aint got it for free and you got to ask how it aint for you. This isn't the first we heard of this scheme, most are doomed to fail.
          I know a couple guys go the hard way, have bought 3 broke machines with these plans, could have bought 1 running machine 20 yrs ago and got somewhere, still trying to machine a shortcut.
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