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Inherited a late 80s Syncrowave 250

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  • Inherited a late 80s Syncrowave 250

    Hello everyone,

    I have acquired a very lightly used Synchrowave 250 and need some advice. I have done very little welding in my life, but I'm looking to change that. The Miller I have was probably purchased in the very late 80s. It has less than 100 hours of use. There is barely a dent or scratch on the entire unit itself. It is just dusty and has some cobwebs. I have everything it came with. No recirculating cooler.

    I want to get into TIG welding, but my experience is about as old as this welder. Even then, I was being told exactly what to do. They are no longer available to help me. I am very mechanically inclined and learn things relatively quickly on my own. I own a cabinet shop so I will have to push the welder outside every time I want to use it. The current welder has no way of doing that, plus I have to hook it up to a water source. Since I will be welding for "fun", I can't see myself making the effort just to learn. I honestly can't make heads or tails of all the dials on there, and feel this welder is way over my head.

    My question is, should I keep this welder and have it serviced? OR should I trade it in for something like at Diversion 180. I can always buy a comprable new welder if I have the need. That said, what would be a fair offer for my welder, if I chose to trade it in? The stock number on the front is 903056-01-2

    Thank you in advance for any direction you can give me!

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    Those are excellent machines - just make a wheeled cart for it and you're all set

    You don't have to use a water cooled torch - you can switch to an air cooled one and eliminate some of the complexity for you.
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      If you want a correct date, a serial# would be required


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        Hang on to that Sync 250... as said it is an excellent machine...

        could you tell us what came with it and post some pics..??

        also if you plug in your serial number you can download the correct manual here..

        Also if you post that serial number as Cruizer suggested he could tell you it's birthday..

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          I have a nice Sync 250 from 1992 (serial KC310xxx). I paid $850. for it a few years ago, bare-bones.

          Click image for larger version

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          P.S. My son got the slightly used cooler from Sutton-Garten. It's a Coolmate 3 but in a white case and badged as "Stat Cooler" (some outfit that made stuff for the pharmaceutical industry, I believe.) Was right around $300. delivered.
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            Originally posted by cruizer View Post
            If you want a correct date, a serial# would be required
            SN- KA782610

            Thank you all for the feedback! I am taking it in this week to have it serviced. I will let you know how it checks out and what I plan to do.