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Diamondback torch poor choice with 200DX?

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  • Diamondback torch poor choice with 200DX?

    I was told that the quality of the diamondback torch (supplied with the contractors kit) will hinder the operation of the 200DX.
    I was advised that a Weldcraft has a better power cable and will yield better results...

    Doesn't sound right to me. Any ideas?

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    It depends on the torch. I got a Diamondback 200amp Torch (#26) with mine and it works very well.

    I'm limited to less than 200amps because of the power that I supply to my machine. I currently only have 35amp 120V and I believe that I'm limited to 150amps. I don't intend on welding thicker than 1/8" so 125amp of output is plenty for me so far.

    I just ordered a a #9 from TigDepot. The #9 will be for lighter gauge metals at lower amps. The torches from TigDepot have the superflex hoses and are easier to manipulate.

    I hope this helps.

    Bob Sigmon
    Bob Sigmon
    Dynasty 200DX w/ Coolmate 3
    Miller Passport
    LMSW-52T Spot Welder
    A/O Setup with Meco Midget
    Miller Big Window Elite
    Quincy QT-5HD


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      I have the #17 Diamond Back 150 amp air cooled torch from the contractor's kit as well as a comparable weldcraft torch. The only difference I see is the Weldcraft torch is a straight 90 angle between the handle and the torch head where the Miller Diamond back is angled. I personally prefer the angled Diamond Back.

      I have not heard of a performance problem. I don't think Miller would intentionally include such a detriment in their contractor's kit.


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        Thanks Hawk

        I will return the kit and buy a foot control and WP17.
        I did not like the feel of the Diamondback, to thick around the neck, close to the head. You know, Ford vs Chevy....
        The kit is a great buy , but I was duplicating everything but the foot control. To my surprise, the adaptors were in the welder box!!!!!
        I also got the 200DX today, man what a machine. Will have to wait until the foot control arrives to ROAD TEST it....

        People talk about the extra dollars over the T/a 185, but a metal case and 110 volt operation is worth the price, along with the extra feature or two and Miller warranty...........