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Accessories for 30FX arcstation

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  • artweld3000
    30FX Arcstation with Miller 30" welding curtain?

    Thanks guys.

    By chance would anyone have any idea if the Miller 30" welding curtain might be able to be adapted to fit the 30FX Arcstation table?

    Or perhaps it's just best to go a different route with welding curtains altogether?


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  • M J Mauer
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  • Bob Miller

    The 6" clamps will work on that table.
    Because the plate is thinner, there is more gap under the clamp.

    Good Luck,

    Edit; you can change the "T" nut from the 6'' Clamp to a 5" clamp to take up the gap.
    The 5" "T" nut (clamps) does not fit the heavy plate on the arc station.
    Last edited by Bob Miller; 04-22-2015, 10:36 AM.

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  • artweld3000
    started a topic Accessories for 30FX arcstation

    Accessories for 30FX arcstation

    The only accessories that Miller sells for the 30 FX arcstation are 5" clamps. And even though they do not sell the 30 series weld curtain for this table, I'm wondering if anyone has actually been able to use it on the 30 FX table. Also, even though Miller does not sell the 6" clamp for this table, has anyone been able to use the 6" clamps with the 30 FX table? The 5" clamps can me used on both the FX and SX tables so perhaps the 6" clamps will work on the FX table as well.