I was given a Spectrum 375 that did not work. Serial number LB247712. The torch was missing the push button switch and the switch assembly. I have replaced these and ohm tested all wires from torch to unit and all check out OK. In following the troubleshooting list, I get to "Does pilot ignite" and the answer is no. it says: Check torch consumables. Check torch connections, air filter, pressure switch S3, valve AS1, air supply connection to unit, torch, and PC1. Consumables all look OK. As I said above torch connections test good. Air filter is clean and pressure switch S3 works OK as the pressure light was on and went off when I connect my air hose. Valve AS1 opens and closes when the amperage is reduced to 0 so it works. Air supply is sufficient and the torch is OK. So unless I have missed something, the PC board needs help. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks