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  • Optrel or Speedglas

    I have a Super VL helmet now, and I would like to get something better suited to tig. So far all of my miller dealers tell me to stay far away from the miller e-helmets especially the new elite which is one I was seriously looking at. Everyone is recommending the optrel or speedglas 9000x, is one better than the other or any thoughts?? Also has anyone here heard of the Speedglas 9000xi? Can't find any info on their website about it.

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    Illuzion: Hawk is the amn for info on the Optrel, I prefer the speedglas. I have the 9000x and it is fantastic. I feel it is a little lighter than the optrel and the controls are on the inside which I think is safer for me working around cars and tight spaces.

    The 9000xi I believe is the same basic feature setup plus a grinding setting but I could be off base on that. The 9000x is a 9-13 with fail safe at 5 shade and normal light setting is shade 3 it also has the pulse setting 9-11-13 shades with a delay on the pulse so you can dial it to your preference. I hope this helps and don't choose it without trying one most of the dealers have demo models and want to show you what it is all about. I have a jackson journeyman and a miller XLix and I have used them all and wont knock any of them for their place in my usage. The jackson is at the race shop for the infrequent repair if the repair is serious I go for the 9000x for longer duty and the darker shade 11. The miller is at home as my spare and use it when my welding bag is in the truck. The 9000x is still my # 1 and won't trade it for any other even after a year and half it still hasn't given a lick of trouble. Only down side is the protective shields are Speedglas only because they are contoured.

    I hope Hawk will post on the Optrel and give his point of view.

    Weld Well, Weld Safe


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      I went off of Hawks opinion and purchased the Optrel from BRWelder. The guys that use the Speedglas have very valid points of view. If you can find a shop that has them both and try them on for comfort. I am happy with mine.
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        Hawk is finishing his review ot the Miller Elite helmet now. Hopefully he will be able to answer your questions.

        I have had ZERO trouble from the new MILLER elite. Something I wouldn't have said about our older style helmets. So far I haven't found a hood that compares to the new technology in the MILLER helmet. Especially on low end TIG with inverters.



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          Where can a mere mortal get the new Miller Elite and what should we expect to pay? I haven't seen it in the local shop and it is not on the Miller website either.

          Can forum members get a discount? It sounds like a great program to me! It also sound like a great helmet!

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            Heh Guys,

            I have finished my review of the Miller Big Window Elite. I have to run right now, but: Don't buy anything until you read my review!
            In short: It is an awesome welding hood. I am both impressed and surprised. I promise to post the full length evaluation later tonight. It's my Dad's birthday and I am late for the surprise party. Talk to you all after while. Trust me. It's worth hearing!!!


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              Big Window Elite

              I have posted my review of this helmet under a new post titled:

              Miller Helmet: Big Window Elite