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  • Fan On Demand 180 SD

    I bought a used Syncrowave 180SD (907054 made in 2004) and it is working very well. Its a little underpowered for the aluminum work i'm doing right at the moment but other than that i'm pleased with it.
    The one problem is that the cooling fan, which should come on when needed, doesn't. ever. The whole top of the cabinet gets pretty warm, and nada.
    So, does anyone know where to start on the fix? I've be told that it's probably a fuse, but if it is are these specialty fuses or just common ones.
    For now i've been running the welder with a 4"x4" fan stuck to the back as an exhaust and it works great. It keeps the cabinet nice and cool even when doing aluminum at full power, but sometimes i forget to turn it on. thats the problem.. the operator.
    Are there parts diagrams available of these machines somewhere?


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    Kinda need the serial#to figure out age, never the less these units tend to have to get quite hot before the fan will come on. What you can do is open the case up and verify that the fan does turn freely and the wires for it are in place.


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      serial #LE056740. In the end Cruiser you were right. My sense what would make the machine hot was a little off. I was at the time of my original post, welding 3/16" aluminum ac at full or nearly full amperage. multiple tacks, then multiple welds each 1 to 2 inches in length. the (air cooled) torch was getting way too hot to hold even with a glove. I even melted the insides of a #9 torch and had to switch to an old #17 i had. I figured that with this much heat the fan should come on, if it was going to come on at all. Turns out i think its more about length of time welding. Recently i got a tank of helium argon mix, and turned my amperage way down to 120 ish. I'm welding the same material but running much longer beads, and with much less time in between welds. Now the fan runs.