Good evening,

I’m new in that forum and sincerely hope someone had the same issue as mine and can help me out.

Today, I start having issue with my Millermatic 180 doing special behavior
during welding.

I tried to find some information via internet from different forum and I found that Miller Forum with quite interesting information. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fend anything regarding my problem.

Here are few points describing what the problem is:

I was welding my truck tow hitch; I release the trigger in order to knock the weld area with hammer. After trigging to do a second pass on my work piece, the welder stop after 2-3 seconds.

I release the trigger, trig it again, it restart but for another 2-3 seconds and unfortunately it stop again.

After several times, I tried to trig only for feeding the wire, it start few second again and stop.

One thing that I notice by hazard is the following: When I adjust the voltage to any number, let say 4

1 I adjust the speed to 1, I trig and the wire come out from the nozzle with exactly 1 inch and stop.

2 adjust the speed to 4, I trig and the wire come out from the nozzle with exactly 4 inches and stop again. I trig again without changing the speed and exactly 4 inches again come out and stop.
3 I adjust the speed to 7, I trig and the wire come out from the nozzle with 7 inch and stop.

When I trig, the wire always come out and the speed increase and decrease as adjusted and it arc every time, if I touch my metal piece. But as above, each time it stopped after few second.

Is there anyone who can help, I thought in first place that maybe I trig some testing setting, calibration settings, or something else by mistake without noticing it and it start.

I will really appreciate if someone had that issue and how they fix it out.

That machine is like new one and hopes it is not a huge issue.

Thank You for your help and congratulation for that forum

Best regards and Have a Great late evening to all.