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Need help trouble shooting Miller Syncrowave 180 SD

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  • Need help trouble shooting Miller Syncrowave 180 SD

    Hi All,I have a Syncrowave 180 SD Serial #LE312176 that's not working right and any help anyone here could send my way would be very appreciated! The problem I'm having is the welder will only put out 83 amps in tig no matter how high you turn up the dial. The digital read out says its going all the way to 180 but I took the welder to a local shop and had them put it on there tester and it only puts out 83 amps. In stick mode it is working correctly. Also, we checked out the peddle and it's working correctly 1-1000, 1000-1. I have had a couple people here locally look at it and they both are thinking the board has an issue but can't say for sure. Is there anything else I could check or rule out before spending close to $600 on a new board. I hate to order this being unsure. I just keep wondering if there might be something simple I could fix?Thank you for the help!!!Tim