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Does a Thunderbolt xl ac/dc 225/150 have thermal overload?

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  • Does a Thunderbolt xl ac/dc 225/150 have thermal overload?

    Thinking of getting my first stick welder, but this model does not seem to have any overload protection.
    I do not want to inadvertantly overheat the welder.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    Thermal overload

    Only will run max. 1/8 rod(7018). Do not remember the duty cycle but that will determine your time. General fab work with 1/8 is hard to exceed duty cycle.


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      Thermal limiter

      What is your planned application for your Thunderbolt? As bjfab said, most small fab applications will not result in the need for high duty cycle or thermal limiters. I think the TB is 20% duty cycle at max output and runs up to 75% at lower currents. And while you should not abuse the machine, running it slightly above spec duty cycle isn't going to toast the welder in a minute or two.


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        Does a thunderbolt have thermal protection

        Thank You for your advice


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          Download the appropriate operator's manual (see the Resources tab at the top of the page). It will have a duty cycle chart. You can then determine your duty cycle based on the current required to run whatever electrodes you will be using most.
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            They are way better than their rating, They sell thousands of these for decades and if it needed it then there would be one on it. My little one is red but its what I still use and have ran 1/8 lo hi as fast as you can for an hour.
            I got tired of the mess yesterday and obsessed about streamlining a little. Over the years it had got moved, hooked, unhooked etc and somehow ended up with 3 extra sets of lead connectors in the loom.
            Its been a while since I ran a Tbolt but these are very good welders. The only other thing I might consider is a Max S
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