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Using generator to run a synchrowave 180

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  • Using generator to run a synchrowave 180

    My welding projects are limited to about 15 feet from my household plug. I don't want to buy hundreds of feet of cable.Can I run my 15 year old Synchrowave 180 (Tig, stick) by plugging it into a generator?Since it is plugged into a 50 amp house circuit at 240 volts, I assume a 10k generator would be big enough (I don't ever use it at its full amperage).Will a generator put out an acceptable voltage and current profile (sine wave) for the electronics, etc, that the welder requires?Thank you!

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    Buy a cord.


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      I agree with sberry, if it's within 50-100' of the outlet make an extension cord


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        Even though a 10,000watt generator seems big enough, it actually is too small for a machine like the Synch 180 (along with most transformer machines) even when you set the Synch on a lower setting.

        They require way more power at low settings and the genset can't handle the inrush of current.

        Your house/shop power is a wee bit different in that it is supported by the massive turbine at the power company. The 10k genset has a tiny little motor.
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