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Help - wire fused at liner

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  • Help - wire fused at liner

    We have had our Millermatic 180 for about a year now. Used it quite a lot last summer and then haven'd done anything over the winter then this weekend we made a small toe behind yard cart/trailer for the lawn mower and two times during the wire stopped feeding and had fused to the liner right at the beginning to the little spiral spring looking tip just after the tensioner. We had to unplug and pull out some wire then snip it and pull back through then re-feed everything. What are we doing wrong? We have never had an issue all last summer have put maybe two 10 lb spools and 2 or three small ones without issue.
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    if the wire is fusing at the start of the gun, the gun cable has pulled out of the conduit, in other words, you need a new gun, or have it repaired.

    This damaged is caused by yarding the machine around with the gun


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      My wife has ruined all the corded phones, and numerous 30 foot vacuum hoses. You can get 31 feet out of a 30 foot hose.
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        not sure I agree we don't have a cart and it sits on the shop floor next to our work have never needed to "wheel" the cart a little closer with a light tug or been way out of reach that we are pulling on it to get that last weld on. But that doesn't mean the problem isn't fixed the same way. So you are saying I need a new gun not a new liner?


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          Are you running a 4" diameter spool of wire?


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            Originally posted by Danny View Post
            Are you running a 4" diameter spool of wire?

            No, 10lb spool... but it is el cheap'o from HF that we still had on hand after we ran out.


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              It might just need a new liner- relatively cheap.

              My Passport did the same exact thing and I just replaced the liner.

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