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Should I ask for a raise?

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  • Should I ask for a raise?

    I make $11 an hour welding parts for honda. Here is one of my welds, should I ask for a raise?

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    Making a nice weld is not the only criteria for a raise.
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      What's the employment like in your area ?? Can you go elsewhere and have better conditions and make more money ?
      Raises are always good but you need to consider the employer too. He maybe selling his products on a slim profit margin, things are not that great by me. Shop around and see what is out there locally.


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        Originally posted by Gibsonbrett View Post
        I make $11 an hour welding parts for honda. Here is one of my welds, should I ask for a raise?
        Valid points already made.. here are a few more to consider..

        Honda has a pretty good reputation as a quality employer with excellent benefits and working conditions.. does the overall package balance..??

        What are your long term prospects and ambitions there??

        Have you been there for a while,,or are you fairly new and impatient????
        How have your evaluations gone..??

        How many other guys with similar skills would be standing in line waiting to fill your slot..??

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          right now the economy is in really bad shape. try calling around to other companies and ask if their are hiring .like h80n stated there might be a line of guys just waiting to jump into your spot. right now I am hangin on to a 20.00 an hour steady job and also doing my internet stuff to make up the extra money that I dondt make at the regular job. road jobs seem to pop up all the time but they are not considered regular. as soon as the economy comes back ill make a move but for now im staying put a regular check is better than no check.


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            Agreed. Here in FL there are several outfits in process piping, some local work, some road work. Travel pays more of course.

            Can you fit? Can you weld 6G carbon pipe? There is decent work if you clear backgrounds necessary for nuke/powerhouse jobs.
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              Flippin Burgers........... Lol

              That's what you get for flippin' burgers around here........ Lol
              Minimum wage is going to $11.25 up from $11.00 an hr.

              Southern Ontario, Canada


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                I remember working for a welding job... 4 certifications and was making a whooping $10.50/hr. That was 2002. Long lasting jobs are fading away, and so is retiring from only 1 company.

                After that job I always asked what my boss made. They would complain and I said either tell me or I walk. I needed to know what they made because if they made $3 more then me starting, it was a waste of time.