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Thinking of g0613 horizontal band saw....

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  • Thinking of g0613 horizontal band saw....

    Hey guys..

    I am trying to look for a good band saw for a gift for my father. He is planning on doing gun smithing when he retires.

    I would like to stick with grizzly brand as they have proven themselves to be pretty reliable (the Taiwan made ones) and the customer service is excellent as well as parts replacement. And I would like to stick with one with swiveling I plan to build exhaust and manifolds as a H. Side hobby and it would be nicer to build merge collectors etc (I would think)

    First I was just going to buy a HF or similar 4x6..but takes some work and mods to get them to be better.. Would need to add down feed cylinder etc. Kinda booted that idea.

    Next option was the grizzly G9742

    Things I liked
    Swivel head.
    Variable speed
    Can do vertical/horizontal.
    Dual voltage option
    Light and fairly small
    Cheap price for what it does

    Things I did not like
    Made in China (seems like the Taiwan made units are better all around)
    Read that download cylinder is cheapie
    No fluid cooling
    Small/thin 1/2" wide blade
    Just have the feeling it's cheap feel like HF saws

    Another option was Grizzly g0613 (which I'm leaning toward the most)

    Things I like
    Larger capacity than above.
    Larger 3/4" blade.
    Dual voltage
    Coolant pump and better professional down feed cylinder
    Swivel head
    Made in Taiwan

    Things I did not like
    Pretty **** large (I think over 63" long and 60" tall!)
    SINGLE SPEED. (yeck)

    Is the single speed that much of a deal? Could i just slow the download rate and add the cooling to the blade to cut through harder metals? I don't know what exactly will be cut.. It's a toss up there. I'd be doing stainless tubing and aluminum for intercoolers etc. He would be doing barrels and misc stuff.

    Could I add a VFD controller to the motor to adjust speed? I could probabaly get most parts for that for almost free through woke depending on if it will work or not.

    The last option is the g0614

    Love that it has full 1" thick blade and variable speed.. And it also swivels.. But it's also another ~$450 more And must be dedicated to 220v only. Also even larger than the g0613.

    My shop has 110v for now. Which it will be at my shop for a while until my father builds his machine shop room.. His has 220v.

    Please don't throw in.. "buy an Ellis or Johnson etc.." I've been too complicated looking at tons of different machines lately.. And the price of these are about the max I'd like to spend.

    I hope he doesn't happen to come across this post.. I'd really like for this to be a surprise as I know he would not be expecting it at all.

    Thanks for any help guys!

    Oh yea.. I also was thinking of picking up this shopfox heavy duty mobile base.. Was thinking of making my own.. But it wouldn't make sense after the cost of materials.

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    I have had 3 HF 4x6 saws and all of them have cut thousands of parts. I hope you have better luck with Grizzly cust service than i did when i had issues with them. So i guess which ever model will suit you best is the one to buy...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Can't help much on the saw, I have two of the HF 4x6's and a Jet 10x12 but nothing that swivels - since I mostly use either 90* or 45* cuts, I made a 45* insert so I leave the saw set at 90* and just add/remove the insert for miters.

      I do, however, have one of the POS "heavy duty" Shop Fox mobile bases - it's sitting in a corner of my shop waiting for he11 to freeze over - it only lacked about 660 pounds to be capable of 700 pounds. Seriously, I could hardly get it to roll EMPTY. Crap casters, Crap swivels, frame isn't too bad...

      In all fairness I bought it quite a few years ago so they may have improved - but personally, with my "once bitten twice shy" personality they'll be giving away ice cubes in he11 before I even slow down to look at another Shop Fox product.

      If your floors are pretty smooth, you may wanna look at Rockler - I have several of these in the wood shop

      With this hardware, you can build a mobile base of any size, in whatever dimensions you need.

      I replace the hardwood they call for with 1-1/2" .120 wall square tubing. They had a sale on them a few years ago for 40 bucks so I bought enough to "wheelify" nearly everything in the shop.


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        Thinking of g0613 horizontal band saw....

        Also have a Jet. Works great for price. Runs some almost every day. I'd buy another.
        I think you can change motor or belt speed and also think will run on 240 or 120 but I've just left on 120. And never changed speed. If it's hard I just use coolant and slow down feed. Works for me. & mine doesn't swivel either.