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  • Quick question!

    This might be a stupid question, but isn't the stupid question the one that isn't asked?..

    While in the process of welding two pieces together. Can I physically hold a piece and make a tack weld? Without gloves. (not that that's what I would do I'm just curious) Or will I get shocked because I am now grounded with the work piece? (Mig welding or any other type)

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    Done every day. Wear gloves to protect you from the sparks though. If you are nice and sweaty, touching the grounded piece, and the other, and they have poor contact you can potentially get shocked. It is not too bad on dc, ac will wake you up a bit more.


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      There are a lot of variables not accounted for in your question. If you are wearing a good electrically insulated boot and only touch the piece with 1 hand,barring HF, you will not get shocked. If you are laying in the mud with water dripping on you different ball game. Electricity will follow the path of least resistance just don't make yourself part of that path. I would expect stick in general to be worse than MIG due to the higher voltages.
      If you are leaning on the bench with your work cable connected to one piece and you strike the other ungrounded piece....bzzzzt.


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        Not much to worry about - you'll get a little shock once in a while depending on situation, but not often enough to notice.
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          Don't worry about it. No long term effects. I've been doing that since, . . .

          uh, I've been doing that since, . .19 hmmmm.

          uh, uh, uh. I've been doing that since, . . . uh, well a long time and it's not affected me none!
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