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Thunderbolt ac/dc 225/150 for a first machine?

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  • Thunderbolt ac/dc 225/150 for a first machine?

    What do you seasoned pros feel about this welder to start out with, for a hobby?
    is there anything special to know about this welder?

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    Very good hobby welder in my opinion.

    Lots of people never need more and use them for 20+ years.
    "Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." ~George Bernard Shaw~

    Airco 300 Heliwelder
    Dialarc 250 AC/DC
    ESAB 161
    Invertec v250 and v300 Pro
    Spectrum 700 plasma
    Miller HF-15-1
    Dirty ugly tools - perfect


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      I have 8 machines a couple would cost 10X and after 35 yrs in this I use a DC buzzer. If you invite a professional over to do a job you wont have to be embarrassed. Its essentially the same type of machine he would find on a nuke construction. I used to come home from the power plant and use one the following day, I never really could tell the difference
      I really don't consider them a hobby machine. They wont run 5/32 lo hi but its rarely needed in the general world.
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        There is another stick machine I would have to consider here. Its up front cost is a bit more but the caboose is a lot cheaper and that is the Maxstar 150S. I did get a little 25 ft lead for jumping over projects but considering copper secondary and a pinch for primary the cost is gained back right at the start.
        Even a buzzer need more lead and or longer cord, with some connectors etc it adds up fast. The Max can do a 1/8 6011 at 100 ft from a 12 cord and longer from240, the machine acts as a remote and the work from 120V is near revolutionary, its nearly put my portable out of business.