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    last nite I was looking at some options for a welder cart..I was thinking of modifying an old hand truck which actually works quite well..used one of those for the gas torch rig..

    One of the things I run into is making ladder racks for construction rigs and some of these new 4wd are way up there to the top..this usually requires packing the welder (small wire feeder) up in the truck bed so the leads will reach..

    I looked at my engine hoist and the lite dawned..why not make a small shelf with a picking eye just big enough to hold the welder.and use the engine hoist as my cart..I can weld a couple of hoops to the back of the hoist for the gas bottle and get a longer gas hose from the local supply all I have to do is jack up the hoist in order to get the the welder up close to the work..Should work when installing floor pans and such as this app I can put the boom of the hoist through the door of the car if necessary in order to get to the work..

    I cannot think of a time when I needed the welder when changing an engine so since I can easily unhook the welder and set it aside should not interfere with that use..

    There are some spendy booms available but this should work for someone in a small shop..Maybe Miller could look into something like this as a regular accessory..

    Grampa has done so much with so little now I do everything with nothing..;>)