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240V AC Electrical wiring for my welder

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  • 240V AC Electrical wiring for my welder

    My welder requires 230V AC and 50 Amps. It is a inverter based welder and uses a NEMA 6-50p plug (pic attached).

    Looking to wire the 240V to my garage and making sure I have the configuration right. The two flat blades are separate 'hot' wires from the panel and the third plus is 'ground', correct?

    When measuring after install, I should get 120V from ground to each of the hot wires and 240V between the two blades, correct?

    Just making sure I remembered my electrical theory correct...:-)

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    I'm not an electrician, but I have wired my shop for welders. You are correct. Two hots and a ground (not neutral).

    240v across the hots, 120v each to ground.

    You can derate the wire size for welders, but it is good practice to use the correct wire size for the volts.
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      Thanks wb4rt.

      Got it all wired and tested the voltages to be 241 volts across hots. Also tested with my welder and works fine.

      I am all ready to weld now...