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Saving a Spectrum 2050

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  • Saving a Spectrum 2050

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for some help. I recently picked up an old Spectrum 2050 that won't fire an arc. The power and ready light come on fine, and the gas solenoid works fine when the trigger is pushed. Pressure and air quality seems fine. The ground clamp has a good connection back to the machine. But no arc. Occasionally I'll get some faint sparks. Any idea as to what the problem could be?

    The machine also will not turn off when the power switch is shut off. Only by unplugging the machine will it turn off. Has anybody run into this before?

    The torch is not a Miller piece, but a PT-40, which is new. It is wired correctly, except that the PIP circuit is hard wired closed (the cup light will stay off with the cup removed).

    The serial number for the machine is KJ158431. It seems to have control boards that were manufactured by Powcon.

    Pictures here:

    Thanks in advance

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    No arc circuit, deadsville. major money to repair. Might recoup some coin for the gun.