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Synchrowave vs. Dynasty ????

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  • Synchrowave vs. Dynasty ????

    About 6 months ago, I bought a Lincoln Squarewave TIG 175 Pro ( I would have prefered to stay all BLUE, but I got a good deal on it ), and am now looking to upgrade.

    So, I am looking at either the Synchrowave 250DX or a Dynasty 200DX with the Contractor package.
    Portability isn't a big deal, but I am considering power consumption and footprint of the machine.
    I plan to continue aluminum welding and start doing some 4130 welding.

    The local welding supply is pointing me towards the Synchrowave, as he sees more problems coming in with the inverters, but more inverters out in the field to be damaged.

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    Maybe your distributor is afraid of inverters.... The MILLER inverters carry the same 3yr warranty as our other units. We see no more problems with our inverters than our transformer units.

    In my book, unless you need the extra few amps, the Dynasty 200DX is the way to go. It will outperform the Syncrowave on Alum and has killer low end DC.
    It's also only 45LB and a ton more power efficient. If you need to run it on 115v power, it can do that too. It will limit the top end of the machine so as not to blow any fuses.

    Comparing price,
    Sync tigrunner/torch kit ~$4100.00
    Dynasty/contractor kit ~$3400.00

    Get the 770187 MIG cart for the unit. It fits great and is small.

    Hope this helps.



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      $2739 (for both 200DX and kit with foot control) at B & R Welder with free shipping and no tax...........What a deal

      Thanks for the tip on the cart....


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        What I meant to say, is that he sees more inverters being used in the field and getting knocked around, rained on and gereraly abused compared to the Synchrowave which is a shop welding source, where they don't see that type of treatment.

        Any more input from the members ???


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          Yea, I could see that happening. But when you purchase the unit yourself, I bet you will take care of it. I know I treat my machines better than the guys who work for me do!

          Hawk may have some more input as he regularly uses his in the field.



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            There a dozens of posts concerning the Dynasty and the Syncrowave. I will say the Dynasty 200DX is my favorite TIG machine. The amount of control available through EN balance, arc frequency, and pulsing will let you do anything imaginable with this machine within its amperage range.


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              I have run my Dynasty around many a block in the truck and wired into 1 and 3 phase plant boxes. I do keep it in the rear floor board rather than the truck bed. I know the Trailblazer must get lonely, but... I have not had any problems at all out of this machine. I have never even burned a rod with it, but the TIG side gets a work out. As far as I am concerned a little care and cleaning will go a long way towards machine longevity. Sure you can mistreat this machine and it will let you down as will any machine: inverter, transformer, or engine drive.


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                The Synchrowave came home last week. Now I'm all blue, and this machine kicks the tail of the Lincoln 175 ( I know, not a fair comparison )
                The water cooled torch is much easier to work with, the machine even had the pulser installed. They swung me one heck of a deal, as the machine was returned from a customer that thought it would work for his process, but he needed a much more advanced unit. So, I got a Superman deal at a Clark Kent price...
                They even took the Lincoln in on trade, and had it sold the next day.


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                  Congratulations on the Sync. I had a Lincoln SquareWave 175 and it is a decent machine. I just upgraded to a Diamond Back #20 water cooled torch with the Coolmate 4 on my Dynasty 200DX. I am running 75% helium and 25% argon. It is a big help doing .250" large surface area fillets and it looks as though I may be able to do 3/8" in a single pass with this set up. Pretty cool for a 200 amp 40 pound inverter!!!