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Miller 130xp PC1 issue

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  • Miller 130xp PC1 issue

    Hi FolksI'm new to this site and am looking for helpI have a 12 year old 130xp that has been maybe used 6 hours that's itWorked great when I put it away 6 years ago after welding floors in my 57 chevy it worked awesomeNow I needed it and I pull trigger and after 1/2 second contactor pulls outIt will weld for this half second, if I hold contactor in drive motor stays on and speed rheostat works fine, tried different heat selections and still same issue, fuse on board checks out but did find the resistor under fuse to be open, it was a 680 ohm one so I bought a new one and soldered it in and unfortunately it still does same thing,maybe something else in board is badI disconnected drive motor and jumpers that livin up the gun and cable and still same thingIt's like the PC1 is not seeing welding power but I know it's there and resistor was definitely openAny ideasMike