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  • Inverter Mig?

    the technology is getting mature enough that inverter Mig machines are starting to show up on the market... I know that the XMT 304 cc/cv is out there ... how about pure mig machines? any in the Miller pipeline?? would be very cool to replace my old MM200 with something lighter... there is nothing wrong with the 200 .. with the combination reactor/capacitor filtering it makes about the prettiest mig bead that you could find... but little and light would be very very cool..

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    The invision which is a basic XMT is more MIG oriented and there are a couple of units around the corner being tested now that will be products later this year.
    I've had the chance to weld test them last month and they are nice. Waiting for final field testing to be completed.

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      I learned on an invision354mp and it is very cool but not any more portable than the mm200 series the power source is but the tank the wire feeder and cart. If money were no object I would have one instead of my mm210 but the mm210 is a killer deal with spoolgun for $1800. The weld arc charactoristics are very adjustable and easy to understand even in the harder to learn processes like pulse. I love this machine and it is a very nice dc stick machine that I still am using in current classes, I would recomend these to anyone looking to high end mig.