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    An electrician came by today to hook my 220 outlet.
    he put a plug on the end of my power cord for the 220 instead of wiring directly to the disconnect. Will this be ok? I have not used it yet because my argon will not be here until tomorrow. He also used a 50 amp breaker will that be enough? Also any tips would be helpful with getting started w/ this machine this is my first tig.

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    here is an excerpt from your manual

    60 Hz Single Phase
    Input Voltage 230
    Input Amperes At Rated Output 54
    Max Recommended Standard Fuse or circuit breaker Rating In Amperes (1)
    Time-Delay (2) 60Amps
    Normal Operating (3) 80Amps
    Min Input Conductor Size In AWG/Kcmil 8
    Max Recommended Input Conductor Length In Feet (Meters) 147 (45)
    Min Grounding Conductor Size In AWG/Kcmil 8
    Reference: 1999 National Electrical Code (NEC)
    1 Choose a circuit breaker with time current curves comparable to a time-delay fuse.
    2 “Time-Delay” fuses are UL class “RK5” .
    3 “Normal Operating” (general purpose - no intentional delay) fuses are UL class “K5” (up to and including 60 amp), and UL class “H” ( 65 amp and

    here is a link to the pdf of the manual

    would highly recomend that you take the time to READ and UNDERSTAND the manual before EVER plugging the machine in and attempting to weld..
    good luck

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      Good Advice!!!

      I know as men we normally like to think ourselves as all knowing but please read the manual. I have the same problem with my race teams. I usually end up going out to fix something simple that the manual addresses.

      The 50Amp breaker will run your unit. Be advised however, when running at the higher end of the unit, you will most likely trip the breaker. Doing this repeatedly will cause the breaker to become weak and trip more easily. The plug on the cord will not be an issue. Most people do that so they can use extention cords. If you can upgrade your breaker to the time delay 60, that would be better.

      Good luck and have fun.