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    What factors in buying an inverter or eventually are all the machinces going to be switching that route????

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    Welcome and good question.

    Inverters are great when talking about arc performance and control. They have the ability to monitor and change the arc up to a 100,000 times a second. A normal transformer/rectifier unit has response times only in the few hundred/second. Therefore it is possible to do more arc shaping or expand on the basic arc transfer modes to include high pulsing or asymetric wave shaping and frequency adjustments in TIG units.

    Will all machines go that way?....No. At least not for quite a few years. There will always be the need for a reliable less expensive unit and that is what a transformer/rectifier welder gives us. The inverters are a bit more money but are more portable, power efficient and have expanded arc performance.
    I think as technology increases and costs come down, you will see more inverter technology being incorporated into our product lines, but as I said, that's out there a ways.

    For me, I like the inverters. When I welded with the first generation Dynasty's, I about fell off the stool. I had Syncrowave's in my shop and had to have the new stuff. For the average hobbiest, that may not be a big concern. My vote is for the inverters. I'm sure everyone has a preference and you will have to weld with both and make up your own mind.

    Thanks for the question.