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Need help deciding between MM211 and HH210 MVP. Thanks All!

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  • Need help deciding between MM211 and HH210 MVP. Thanks All!

    Hello everyone- I am new to this site and to welding. I welded many years ago and was a novice when last stopped. I will give a little background- purchased a Hobart Beta Mig 200 last winter with original piecemaker gun and bottle cheap in my attempt to get back into welding. I currently do not have access to the right power to run this (won't until late summer)and thought about a 120 only machine (HH140). I think that would be a mistake in case the beta mig doesn't pan out (33years old). Looking for advice on which might be a better welder MM211 or HH210 MVP. 210 is $825 with shipping and 211 is $875 with shipping and rebate included. I would appreciate any input. Thank you!

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    They are both good machines.

    Might as well get the MM211 as it has continuous voltage selection where as the HH210 is a tapped machine.

    Slight advantage goes to the MM211.
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      If you want to buy on line,
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        Thank you for your reply Broccoli 1. I was hoping this thread was going to post faster because the HH210 MVP went off sale at midnight yesterday. I should also have added to my post whether or not anyone knows if the MM211 is being replaced by a new model like the 140 changed to a 141 etc. this would mean waiting a little longer to get the better drive motor which can handle more than a 10' gun.
        What it boils down to is: I'm not a pro, only a hobby welder and don't want to drop 1k and realize I bought the wrong machine-I tend to have a little problem with wanting the biggest and best even though I don't need it. However, sometimes it pays to spend a little extra as you often get what you pay for. In checking so many forums there seems to be a mix of guys for the 211 and others for the 210 based on who how they like the response. Thanks again for the reply!


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          Thank you BD1. I had been watching their site and last week they had the 211 with cart and gloves for $1069.00 and I decided to wait. There was another site that I can't recall- I would have to look that was $1075.00 this week for just the machine and gloves with free shipping which brings it down to $875.00 plus I could get a new helmet with second pair of gloves or a spool gun with the other $200 rebate and pay only another $50 out of pocket for either. I was always looking miller until I heard that the HH210 MVP might have a softer arc and with my inexperience I don't know which one I would prefer more (maybe towards softer). Now the MM211 is a better deal than the 210 with the rebates which makes things even more confusing. Lol


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            BD1- I see welders supply changed their price overnight as you indicate in your response. Yesterday it went to $1135. Thank you again for taking the time to bring it to my intention!


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              Coming in late...

              I'm coming into the discussion kind of late, but I've had my MM211 for about 2 months now and have to say that I really love it.

              I can't comment on the HH210, but the MM211 has done all I've asked for and exceeded my expectations.

              I've run about a whole 2lb spool of .030 wire (along with quite a bit of .023) and used about a third of an 80 cuft tank of C25 all on 115v. Most of this was welding together square and round tube, strip and sheet up to 10ga thickness. I've also done quite a lot of practice on 22ga sheet. Nary a hitch or hiccup.

              I'm expecting that the machine will have a pretty good reserve capacity to handle some thicker stuff using 220v and maybe .035 wire especially if the joints are prepared well.

              Anyways, don't know where you are still in your shopping around, but if it makes a difference, the MM211 gets a "thumbs up" from me.


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                I have a MM211 and really like it! Of course, I'm not a professional welder, so I don't have much experience with other machines.



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                  Thank you for your reply SdAufKla and Steve. Only too late when they run the credit card I haven't pulled the trigger yet (so to speak) lol. I have been reading as many forums as possible and taking in all info from those kind enough to share. The MM211 deal is pretty good right now but I can't help but to think that it is because they are"upgrading" the model. Outside of the H 210, I also looked into the lincoln powermig 210 mp but ,I am afraid of the inverter technology and blowing a board or something. Thanks again guys- any and all input welcome and I appreciate you taking the time to respond. What have you used yours for Steve and was it on 115 or 220v?


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                    Buy it, get past and you will not have remorse, 20$ difference isn't worth the wait.
                    While it will run 023 when its needed there isn't any real reason to step up from 030 to 035. You can only wring a pinch more power out of one and the arc isn't as good. Smaller wire than that is too slow for me and the 030 gives it some range,,, a little easier on thin and a lot more poop on the rest of it.
                    These machines are super and can do the work, they are marginal though, they need all the help they can get especially on thicker material.
                    You can turn 030 down, I havnt had little wire in mine since I bought it. Never finished the roll. Only way I would use it would be a steady diet of auto resto, a single or one off I wouldn't bother.