Hi Guys,
I have read a lot of posts that suggest that it is not wise to rely soley on an exhaust system to get the fumes out.
Suggestions of the wearing of a respirator with 3m p-100 filters.
I have a 10' by 14' lean two type shed with a 10' to 8' ceiling and two windows opposite each other and double 3' by 10' doors.
the inside walls are covered with hardy backerboard, with a double plywood floor and 22 gauge ss sheet metal loose on the floor for removal.
We live in New York, so a commercial hanging electric heater for winters.
QUESTION: If you were welding using oxy/acet, mig with gas, and stick, what would you do to prevent the breathing of the welding fumes.
Does the respirator fog up your shaded visor?
thank you in advance for any info and advice,