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Miller aerowave faults with HIGH TEMPERATURE ALARM

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  • Miller aerowave faults with HIGH TEMPERATURE ALARM

    I have this Miller Aerowave TIG that I bought at auction.

    It does power up, however immediately after powering up it displays a HIGH TEMPERATURE alarm and does not weld.

    Here's what I know:

    *) The alarm comes up immediately after powering up
    *) It is cold here (50 degrees F)
    *) The display does function and amperage adjustment does change the display
    *) There are three temperature switches on the machine, one on the
    transformer and two on the aluminum heatsinks.
    *) All of those switches are electrically "closed"

    Would anyone know why a welder like this would display HIGH TEMPERATURE when it is not high temperature and all temp switches function correctly?


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    You NEED to post the serial number and PRAY that Cruizer has reference material on it...

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      Yes, a serial# would be handy, however if you were to check for continuity on wires #61 & #62 off RC8 1&2 from the main control board, that would help. Now if there is no continuity, then the problem is in the wiring, if there is, then the Main control board is at fault.


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        Now, might want to make sure if the input power is set correct, as if I'm not mistaken, the gages will still light up, but you'll get a fake temp fault anyways.
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          Guys, thanks. I knew that you are awesome!

          1) Serial number is LB028477
          2) I checked each temperature switch for continuity and each was continuous
          3) I did not, yet check the whole overtemperature circuit for continuity, I may do so,
          but I sort of know what the finding will be.