I'm looking for some advice on what to price my welder at. It is a really unusual situation.

This welder is about 25 years old and I literally never plugged it in or turned it on! The welder has never been used.

It has a CNR liquid cooled torch, Miller Radiator - 1 cooling system, Miller model RFC-23A foot pedal, Kable Klad torch cover, Western Enterprises/Scott Fetzer Accu-trol gas regulator, Miller cart with dual tank rack. It rolls around easily on its Miller cart.

I know this ad sounds unbelievable but, I really am the original owner. Initially I was too busy with my autobody/restoration business to teach myself to TIG weld. Then I got out of that business and kept thinking I would learn to use it. And time just passed and I still had it, even after two moves, and never used it.

I live in Atlanta and could use some input on what price I should list it for.

Thanks in advance for the help.