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everyone read this!!!!

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  • everyone read this!!!!

    i know this isn't what this site is intended for but i thought i would bring this up. there was a recent post about welding and skin cancer. since i'm fighting recurrent colon cancer right now at the young age of 30 i thought i would put in my 2 cents. whether you have cancer or not, or know of someone who has it you should look into this stuff.
    its called vitamin b-17. its found in apricot kernels and has been tested and shown to fight and possibly "cure" cancer. there is a book out called "world without cancer" that explains how vitamin b-17 works and why the government doesnt want us to know about it. the biggest reason is that it contains cyanide. but so does cigarettes. the cyanide only attacks the cancer cells and nothing else.
    vitamin b-17 has been used in cancer treatments for years in mexico and other countries with much success. if you're open to alternative treatments and are open to any and all possible treatments. this should be looked into. just type in vitamin b-17 in your search engine and you'll find lots of websites with info about it. if anyone wants anymore info from me just post a reply and let me know.

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    You are correct. My sister fought and lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, however she was encouraged to go the alternative medicine route. She survived a year instead of the normal 90 days.
    Dr. Lorraine Day is a friend of my families. She is well noted for alternative medicine. If you wish to e-mail me let me know.

    Even though this has nothing to do with "Welding" it has to do with helping others also.


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      Thanks guys I'll look into this, peace


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        i thought i would post this since pjseaman mentioned about skin cancer and his wife. i just wanted everyone to know that there are alternatives that help along with the standard medical protocol for cancer treatment. cancer is hard to face and its best to learn as much as you can about it and what options you have. because there are options out there. and knowledge is power.
        p.s. i hope everything goes well for your wife pjseaman. i hope she continues to get better. if anyone wants to e-mail me or has questions about vitamin b-17 my address is [email protected]


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          Thanks to all.