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Connecting a wc-1 to a Shopmaster 300

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  • Connecting a wc-1 to a Shopmaster 300

    Hello, I have a WC-1 weld control (#HJ204910) and Spoolmatic 1 (#HJ201791) that I would like to use with my Shopmaster 300 (#KD418784). I am wondering if I put a 14 pin connector on the WC-1 (two contactor and three 115v wires) would I need to change any of the jumpers on the WC-1. I see the Shopmaster puts out 24v at the two contactor pins but it looks like the WC-1 needs 115v for the contactor. Thanks, Kevin

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    Ok, yes you can "I" and "G" is 115Vac, "K" is frame ground, "J", is contactor. "

    J" when completed with "I" makes the contactor work. I'll have to have a look at the tech diagram at work to verify and probably make it easier for you to wire.


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      Thanks Cruizer, I'm concerned about the contactor connections. The Shopmaster puts out 24v but I don't know if the WC-1 will work on 24v or if I'll damage the Shopmaster or WC-1. Thanks for the reply, Kevin


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        Shopmaster also runs a s52 and that's 115vac. Unknown where your info comes from, unless your talking about a Synchrowave, which Has no auxillary power.


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          -OK, Shopmaster to WC-1 controller, probably still have 2 plugs, 1 with 2 slots, and one with 3 pins

          "J" to wire #1 comming off Control relay CR1 or narrow slot of plug

          Note: #5 Wiring to wide slot is not used

          "I" to #6 brassy plug pin or Fuse in WC-1

          "G" to Silver in exsisting plug pin , may be labled #5

          "K" to frame ground"

          14 pin is a amphenol, 20-27 14 pin, indexed to A/B

          And there ya have it.


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            I found out it's not the way I had it wired, I used my wire feeder (S-62) today and I remembered that I have to set the contactor switch on the power source to on instead of remote for it to work, so something wrong in the Shopmaster, I'll have to check the wiring diagram, I know there are four relays maybe one went bad. If anyone had this problem before please let me know what to check first.


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              Well the s-62 uses A,B, G as its 24vac


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                I'm going to change the relay (CR1) first, it looks like it's burnt on the back, I had to replace the other relay (CR2) when I bought the machine. If that's not the problem I'll have to follow wires and dig deeper.