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Spectrum 625 torch light steady on, after slag shorts torch.

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  • Spectrum 625 torch light steady on, after slag shorts torch.

    Older style standard spectrum. A resistor and capacitor near the torch connector on the board burned out, replaced with no joy. Cleaned torch of course. Any hope?

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    And the magc serial# is.... And need a pic of where the damage is, or number reference on the board.


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        I ran this past Josh (one of our plasma service techs) and this was his response.

        “Torch light is on steady” Would that be that same as a solid cup light? If that’s the case you’re plasma cutter is still having a problem with the cup circuit. Either the cup switch in the torch head is faulty, there’s a wire broken in the torch cable, or the cup circuit on the PC board still has a blown component.

        Hope that helps.
        Kevin Schuh
        Service Technician
        Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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          Kevin, the OP already said that he has smoked components on the board, so obviously when the electrode and nozzle shorted, something overloaded on the board. No idea as to which section, probably easy to figure out though. Most of this stuff I can figure out being a highly trained CST tech and all...