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    ok I have had my mm210 for a week now and am going to finally wire in 220 today, I have a 40 amp breaker, 15' of 6-3 wire going to the plug in, I will be doing most of my welding with the welder directly in the wall, but from time to time i will need to move around, i want to get a 25' extension cord and was wondering what size cord i should get, I want the least amount of power loss

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    I run a 40ft. extension for my MM210 and I use 6-3 SO wire, it's got a pliable rubber coating. It is fairly flexible so you can roll it up for storage. Hope this helps.


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      Mach ...
      Is the cord you described a HomeDepot/Lowes item or a specialty store?
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        This a type of wire that we use at my "day" job for our welding ext. cords and I went to one of the local electrical suppliers and told them how much I wanted and then all I had to do was install the proper outlets for my welder. I have NOT seen this type wire at the area Lowe's or Menards, however your area may carry it. I would look to a supply house before the aforementioned. I believe I gave $1.26 per ft. for this wire {works great}.


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          On my mm210 I use a freebie extension cord made from a SO cord 4ga 3wire its over kill but so what. Oh yea, its only 100' long so you might not want a 150 pound cord get the 6/3 or 8/3 as long as it is not over 100' you wont get amperage drop off to worry about.

          According to the wiring code book I have, 1989 model, 40 amps at 100'requires minamum of 10/3 but this is min not my suggestion. I would like 8ga 3wire but buy an Outdoor rated SO cord. this should be available at the electrical supply house. Good luck, weld well


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            Extension cord


            In the hardware store I work at the largest ready-made cord we sell is #10 - good for 25-30 amps max. For 25', #8's will do you good, #6's will give you plenty of margin. SO covered is the right cord to use; the ends will cost you as much or more than the wire. Whatever, be SAFE!.

            Be well.

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              I have the SO 8/3 cord and it was purchased at HOME DEPOT.


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                Cool, how much did it set you back?


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                  8-3 will be fine for your 210. However, if you choose to purchase a TIG machine at a later date, you may want to get the 6-3 now and save the hassle of getting 2 cords.
                  Just a thought...