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  • Plasma Cutter Capacity

    I am looking for a recommendation on a plasma cutter, I need something portable, so an inverter is preferred. Must be capable of cutting 1/4" *easily* (not sever capacity). I don't know how accurate manufacturers specs are. I am looking at the miller or hypertherm. 120V/220V operation option is a plus. I would really like something with a self contained air source. Primary concern is portability (~50lbs?). Any suggestions as to what size unit I need for this, and any recommendations???
    Thanks in Advance

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    I think your best bet is the Miller Spectrum 625. The 375 even though it is 120/220 is a little too small to do much 1/4: easily. The Hypertherm Powermax 600 is a nice unit too. However, it does not do well on generator power. Neither of these units has a self contained air compressor. You won't find that in your spec range. The 625 weighs less than 60 lbs. My neighbor has a shop and uses his 4 hours daily by hand on 3/16" and 1/4" with no problems. I have its big cousin the 2050 and could not be happier!


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      The 625 is probably your best bet for "easily" cutting 1/4in. The 375 is fine on 230 input but might be a bit slow for your liking. The only unit we offer with a built in compressor is the 125 and that would be useless for you.
      Good luck and welcome!