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E300D remote control

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  • E300D remote control

    We've had a few issues getting control of this supply, maybe someone here can help. We are communicating over EthernetIP and have established the ability to start the output, set the wire feed, and one or two other parameters depending on the mode. We are using short circuit MIG and RMD. There are three specific things I'd like to ask for help with:

    1) We need to set up remote reset. We get a Robt comm error frequently and need to clear it from the operator's station rather than walking around behind the machine every time it happens. Eventually we will reduce the incidence of errors but even then we need this ability.

    2) We need to be able to switch from MIG to RMD and back again remotely. Our process requires us to switch back and forth. We can stop the machine momentarily to do this. We have MIG set up on Program 1 (of 8) and RMD set up on Program 3.

    3) We need to be able to alter the Arc Adjust setting in RMD. We can control Arc Control, and in MIG have control of Volts, Wire Feed, Inductance.


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    Going to guess and say that you have some model of Axcess machine, and are trying to run it remotely. I don't like guessing....