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  • Weld Size Question

    All of my welding experience is with MIG or TIG haven't touch STICK in my life and no structural work. Starting to use weld symbols at work for creating drawings for contractors (mostly structural work).

    My question is would multiple passes be necessary with STICK or MIG for a 1/4" fillet weld on 1" or 3/4" plate welded to a 24" x 1/2" wall pipe.It is around 500+ inches of weld joining the part to the structure.
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    Typically your weld should be the same thickness of your thinnest piece, It would be customary to multi pass that size structural steel.

    Can a 1/4" weld be done in one pass, Yes with the right size rod or wire.


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      since the thinnest part is half an inch, in my opinion, not knowing any details, i would use 7018, 5/32" or 3/16" in dia. if it is to be welded flat. uphill, 7018, 1/8" dia rod and run a stringer with about 110 to 115 amps for a starting point, hard to give an accurate setting due to no one machine welds the same


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        1/4" fillet weld.

        Yep, Use 5/32" 7018 & you will get a 1/4" fillet weld easily .