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Help with 200DX contractor's kit

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  • Help with 200DX contractor's kit

    Bought a 200DX today.
    I also ordered the Contractor kit with foot control. I think this comes with a 2 dial regulator in place of the standard flow meter that comes with the torch kit.
    Anyone else also order this kit? Any regrets?
    Would I be better off buying the foot control and 150 torch kit instead, or would it still add up to be the same after I got a stinger and cable,and adapters?
    guess I got a good price on the contractors Kit at $480.00

    Thanks for any help

    PS: what type of line cord plug comes with the machine?

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    I bought the contractor's kit with the foot pedal for my Maxstar a while back. I now have the Dynasty and use the same accessories. You did not go wrong. The price of $480 is about the going rate. You can always add a flow meter later. The regulator it comes with does fine. The flowmeter is a little more controllable, but no big deal either way. I use both depending on where I am. The road gets the regulator: It is tougher. The shop has the flowmeter. It does not like all the bumps and bangs of the road. You will probably have as much or more in the pieces going separate. Especially if you specialize with the flowmeter, torch, etc. You did well. You are probably experiencing what I call buyer's remorse. It a normal feeling after dropping that much money in a lump sum. Don't worry. You did well.


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      Thanks. I was worried about the flowmeter vs gauges.
      I'm selling my Lincoln Tig 250/250,and even though everything is like new, i decided to sell all the goodies with the machine. That includes my flowmeter, so gauges will be different with Argon.
      I do 80% mild steel and moly 1.125 tube with .65 or .125 wall.
      Hear the 200DX is as good on this type of material as it is on Alu.. and mag.........



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        The D200DX is fabulous on everything I've tried from cooper to chrome moly to aluminum and of course steel. Crank up the arc frequency to 250HZ with about a 75 EN balance using ceriated tungsten pointed with a blunt end and you will think you are welding steel when doing aluminum. a 50/50 or 75/25 helium/argon does better than 100% argon in most cases on aluminum.