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XMT 304 Hot Start

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  • XMT 304 Hot Start

    I've got a fleet of XMT 304s that all run just about the same. When one has an issue, it stands out pretty easy. What I'm dealing with is a hot start issue with one of them (serial number KJ197259). All of the 304s that I've run have some kind of hot start on the stick mode. This is also described in the owners manual as the "Adaptive Hot Start". Say, for example, that the machine is set at 80 amps... strike an arc... and the amps shoot way up to 180+ amps. Each one of the other 304s do this, but it's only for just a split second and sometimes it doesn't even read on the gauge. The one in question though jumps up to the same 180+ amps but it lingers there for what seems like way too long. Not a huge deal... sometimes it's even nice to have... other times, like working in an open root, it's a huge annoyance as it always blows a hole the size of a quarter!

    Any thoughts on this? I sent it in to my local service place and they say that everything checks out fine. I disagree.

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    Shouldn't notice anything on your display, betcha, your right side output board is loose though....


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      That was it. Thank you, sir!